The Science of fighting coming to TV

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nitro, Aug 17, 2006.

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  2. My kids told me about it, they are psyched to watch. The 2 oldest are 3 degree BB in TKD. I saw a show similar awhile back where they computerized the motions from electrical inputs connected to the people and it was really fascinating.
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    I just watched the video preview. Impressive. I have a friend that has been in the same Marial Art for 30+ years. I used to talk to him about techniques I was learning, then one day he looked at me and said "I can tear phone books in half". That sort of changed my outlook on fighting in an instant!
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    I noticed the previews as well, looking forward to watching it.
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    Good show to average folks. If you're a martial-arts specialist, you may find it's a little fluffy... Great effects!
  6. Pretty scary... if you're a phone book.
  7. This is true.

    I once stomped on a phone book for about 30-minutes... it was in pieces all over the floor.

    Very messy.

    I ****ed it up bad.
  8. I agree. These guys are merely models punching dummies.

    To the see real "fighters" check out the cage guys and K1.

    This guy right here for example.

    He'd destroy any of those guys on the video.

  9. i think nitro is a martial arts expert.

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