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    Todays clown prince -

    Sheldon Adelson

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    If you are feeling bad about your 401(k) losses, consider the case of Sheldon Adelson. His investments have declined by more than $30 billion, yes with a “b,” in the past year.

    Put another way, his net worth declined by about $100 million a day, or $4.1 million an hour, or $69,000 a minute, or $1,157 a second.

    It is possible Mr. Adelson now may hold the title for the largest one-year paper loss in U.S. history.

    Losing $3.5 Million an Hour

    Forbes recalculated its rich list for the Oct. 27 issue and found Adelson’s fortune dropped $4 billion from Aug. 29 to Oct. 1, the steepest decline for any American who lost at least $1 billion. At his present pace, the one-year loss may rank as the largest ever for a U.S. billionaire in percentage terms, according to Bernstein.
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