The Scary Thing About "Joe the Plumber"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Last week King Barack happened to be in Samuel Wurzelbachers neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio. He decided to get out and mingle with the riff raff. I'm sure he figured it would be pretty uneventful, but it turns out it wasn't. Sam asked a hard question and King Barack gave a terrible answer to it. Since the moment that Mr Wurzelbacher dared to challenge the Dear Leader he has been ripped apart without mercy by the media. We have found out that he's "not a real plumber" (in fact he is, its perfectly legal to practice a trade in the townships outside of city limits under another person's license, and anyone who thinks otherwise obviously has no experience in construction), he has a traffic ticket he did not pay, he's unlikely to make 250K and he's not payed his taxes. Wow! But, what does this have to do with the original question Sam asked Obama? It has exactly nothing to do with that question, it has everything to do with scaring and silencing people into not asking hard question of our elected officials. That should send a chill down all of our spines.
  2. Actually, it is about judgment. Why pick a guy with that many skeletons in his closet as the centerpiece of your debate strategy when you know damned well the press will look under every rock and report what they find.

    The result was predictable. The debate shifts away from the point McCain was trying to make (that Obama's tax/health plan) would actually net save Joe money vs his plan.

    OPPS-he was trying to show how a 36 v 39 % marginal tax rate was horrible.
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    The press was all over him well before the debate came up.
    I have no disagreement that paying 36% vs 39% is not going to have too much of an effect on me, they can raise it if they want to and I won't complain. Most people did just fine under Clinton. The real problem comes from the fact that Obama will likely also raise capital gains and corporate tax rates, which WILL HURT EVERYONE, but he will use a form of class war to pull it off anyway.
  4. ".............I'd like to spread the wealth around................fair'.

    Who could vote for this guy after that? You should lose your ET membership. Maybe swing over to "Elite Communist".
  5. What is the first thing Henry Ford did when he built the T-Model ? You don't understand Capitalism nor Free Markets. You really don't. You think it's all about Tax cuts.
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    I agree that what Obama said is scary, but it's not new, anyone who's been paying attention knows that's what he will do. It's kind of shocking he actually said it out loud like that though. What is chilling though is the response we have seen to Joe the Plumber, the shit digging the media is doing against this guy for having the nerve to ask the Dear Leader a question. If this is what we can expect in the future when we ask questions of our officials...well let's just say the Dem's don't have a place complaining about all of the mean and dirty terrible stuff Bush has done anymore.
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    Probably, the 21st century version of the Gestapo?
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    Come on the now, the Democrats are all about peace, love, understanding and stuff right?
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    Not during election time!

  10. Most of the "digging" was done by bloggers and then picked up by the regular media.

    Kind of like how Palin - the family values queen - had to come out and state her daughter was pregnant. There goes her credibility.

    As for "Joe the plumber", the guy is fishy. There is more to this fellow than the press is letting on. Looks like he was put there to bait Obama.

    Too bad it didn't work.

    Now McCain looks like a even bigger fool than Palin.
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