The Scariest Chart Ever

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  2. Maybe the solution will be worse than the decease. However let us hope for the best.
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    it needs to be as a percentage of GDP or it means little
  4. Don't worry. Hyperinflation will make it a snap to pay back.
  5. True:

    The stage has been set for a massive hyperinflation. I only see two ways of that not happening:

    -Nationalization of the banking industry
    -Govt part of the banking industry.

  6. Here's the problem-- EVERY sign points to hyperinflation in a few years and EVERYONE is calling for it. That tells me that it probably won't happen like it seems.
  7. Welcome to Socialism. You asked for it America, now you have it being handed to you on a silver plater. GOV. spending and crazy Programs coming soon, very soon. (Tax increase, huge increase 2010.)

    I say F(*&_ all of you who voted for OBAMA. You better save every last nickle you have because, GAME over for most of you....But do not worry.......

    Uncle Obama and "MOTHER" GOV. will now be taking care of you and you shall pay a heavy price for their "love".
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    I watch a lot of CNBC(I Know) and hardly anybody on that show believes there will be hyperinflation. I don't believe there will be hyperinflation either but 10% inflation is not out of the question.
  9. The chart isn't scary because the borrowings from the govt have been to shore up the banks' capital ratios. That money won't be lent out the way the hyperinflationists believe it will be. That seeking alpha site is pretty horrible, commentary wise.
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