The Savior

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hollanders, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Guess who rode in to the rescue? Was it a ploy to take the masses off of the DEBATE? If so it failed. He's desperate & will say & do anything. How is Obama not leading by at least 10 points?
  2. McCain looks like his old enough to drop dead at any min.

    How is he allowed to run for president?
  3. Brilliant minds think a like. There is a big push & a petition from about 2500 doctors to get his medical records released. Is this fact or fiction, heard it on AIR America.
  4. There is also around half the country that thinks Obama is a black radical. Being best friends with a black radical pastor for 20 years has nothing to do with it though.
  5. Mark Zandi, McCain adviser, on the Cantor Plan (the alternative to the Paulson plan):

    "This is a much less effective way of addressing the problem and would very likely cost taxpayers more than the tarp."

    Thank You John McCain. It has become an absolute truth in the universe that when a problem arises, always look toward the republicans for the answer.

    Another republican plan was: to suspend capital gains taxes for 2 years. And that's it.

    Sarah Palin will soon issue a plan consisting of her preacher to visit Wall Street to drive the witches out of town.