The sale of the Chicago stock exchange

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    Stalled sale. The sale of the Chicago stock exchange may still go ahead, said the exchange's CEO, despite the Securities and Exchange Commission's decision on Thursday to block a $20 million bid by a Chinese-led investor group over uncertainties over the group's ownership structure. But only two members of the investment group "happen to be Chinese", said the exchange. Chicago Tribune
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    Already posted under" The Chinese overlords have to wait a little bit longer" title. I know, not as descriptive but more fun! :)
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    I don’t like this whatsoever.
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  4. Try having most of the real estate in your city owned by china. That's what happened where I live.

    It's unfair that they get the chance to own our assets but us westerners get virtually blocked out of their market.
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    What is it like? Do you have a Chinese restaurant on every corner? I might have to move there...
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    you are saying that you didn't own any or enough r.e. in your city before the Chinese onslaught.
    it is probably a worthwhile study to predict the next place they are going to invest if you are trying to build a r.e. portfolio.
  7. It started happening after expo 86. Its not like I had enough money to own 5 or 10 years ago. I'm a bit late to the game but that's because I'm young.

    And yes I agree with the second part of your statement I follow their movements carefully now but it kinda sucks investing outside of your home city. I would prefer to have close access to my rentals.

    I heard Seattle has started to feel their effects. Chinese money that is.
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    Well another 30 years, America will be Chinese and Muslim and I will be much older and somewhere else watching the ocean.
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    We can only hope all the old bigots will be gone, it will be a much nicer place for sure for those of us who care far more about who are neighbors actually are rather than their ethnicity or religion. What conservative mecca where you thinking of moving to, Somalia? I hear there's no gun control, no central government...and it's on the ocean!
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