The sadness of war

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  2. Who the fuck are you to judge? I guess they should have waited until our soldiers were ambushed and then attack the enemy?

    Go vote for Obama and then cuddle with your boyfriend in your nice warm house while our troops fight to preserve your liberties.

    Fucking asswipe.
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    Loved it! Thanks for the clip!

    Btw, you should have seen what this looked like on the ground when daylight broke. Talk about a mess! A terrorist meeting 30mm rounds is a fitting way to take them out. Love it! I could watch those flir clips all day!

    Ooh rah!
  4. They were Taliban scum setting up an ambush on a U.S. patrol and we killed them before they killed us. What part of that don't you understand?

    The only thing I don't like about that video is that I wasn't the one pulling the trigger.
  5. LOL! Not sure everybody here knows what you used to do for a living.

    If the American people weren't so sterilized from the horrors of war, we'd be more sensitive to it all... probably demand we do less of it.
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    I'm a prior Marine Officer. Was in Desert Storm as an enlisted Marine in 91, then two hitches in Iraq as an Officer. War is hell, but seeing terror shitbags being blown to shit is like sweet music to me!

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  7. That's what war is all about. You kill me or I kill you. Those Taliban were going to use their RPGs and AKs on American troops if the Apaches didn't intervene.
  8. Like a video game. Funny that they left the donkey alive.
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    The donkey and the horses are closer to human beings than those shitbags!:mad:
  10. I knew that... wasn't sure you wanted to tell everybody else.

    The Marines are always "first to the fight". I respect what you did and who you are even if the Leftist pussies don't. America would never have been America had it not been for you, me and millions of others like us.

    Ooh rah! Indeed!!
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