The SAD TRUTH about Mr.Market! Vote!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Scientist, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. Well folks... Sadly enough it looks like our good old spammer / liar Mr.Market has made it back to the ET boards.

    I think we should make a collective effort not to reply to his threads anymore, since it keeps inviting ppl to waste their time on his B.S threads. Like mine right now :D

    Just have a look at his latest post:

    <quote>Quote from Mr.Market:
    "With my 19" biceps and 385 lb bench press, I do not need to purchase anything to make me feel better about myself.

    It doesn't matter how many new sports cars you have. It still won't get you an Ivy League diploma, a college football varsity letter, a HotorNot rating of 9.4 or the ability to pick 24 consecutive stock winners of 15% or better. Nice try though.

    There are now 612 people in my Yahoo Group who know I am HUGE. See for yourself:"</quote>

    Well, sadly enough I checked out his homepage... Very sad indeed... I rated him a "1" on his (!) hot or not -link, and it said:
    "Last time he checked his ranking: 8 minutes ago"... How sad is that? Very sad.

    Also, he has a table on his homepage, detailing his trades. They openly show what he's boasting with:

    9% Average Return on his total of trades since the beginning of 2002. And possibly not even true.

    Plenty of picks with very high risk (his strategy is basically to buy stocks right at the top (new high) thinking they're gonna go up even more. Insane approach as experienced traders know.

    However, that's why he calls it "Quantitative Momentum Model"
    I prefer a "Qualitative Momentum Model" :D

    To the point: This guy is clearly using ET to illegally promote himself and his pay-for service instead of paying the ET administration... We should make sure he gets banned from this site and instead of replying to his posts, reply here...

    Let's unite against spam...
    Yours Sincerely,
    ~The Scientist
  2. Well... It's pretty clear who gave that 1 vote to Mr.Market???

    LOL :D
  3. .

    Insane huh? Well, good luck shorting these stocks.
  4. Mr. Market is huge and he is ROCK SOLID!!!
  5. Since mrmarket isn't for real, how can there be any truth about him....happy or sad?
  6. no, i am ROCK SOLID!!!!!!!

  7. So you're Mr. Market?

  8. I suspect that's exactly the case.

    It's one of his alter ego's.

    Who do you think gave him all the pro-votes?



  9. I guess it's more then one vote now isn;t it? You are the pathetic one....You really are jealous aren;t you? I have had patients like you in the past and in almost every case ( about 90% ) the subject was hiding homosexual feelings....the other 10 % were openly gay....which one are you?:confused:
  10. No, RS is NOT Mr Market. GUARANTEED!

    I have it on good authority..

    ROCK SOLID = Gordon Gekko = FrUiTy PebBles = #1 Trader

    It's FACT!


    #10     Jun 30, 2003