The S&P topped at 2601

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The S&P topped at 2601

  1. Yes

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  3. You're still an idiot for shorting this

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  1. I say the S&P topped today at 2601

    I'm currently short ES from 2599
    Stop is 2631
    Objectives are 2533 and 2503

    I'm also short Dec 260 spy calls from avg 1.87
  2. ...a 100 point range centered on 2581? I'm watching. :)
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  3. I think you are right. But I think it is also likely that you stop out at 2631 and then short immediately at 2632 on a new thread. So while I hope you get your day, why not avoid stops and just post it all on one thread? Stops are important, but it is not how you are trading to be honest.
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    Why, nothing but blue sky above.
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    Seems good
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    How many bears does it take to change a lightbulb?
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    According to a few articles this week the big banks think the s&p is due for another huge run in 2018....yep more free money in 2018....some predictions going to 2800+ and 3000!!!!
    Yep no one is even going to say that a small miniscule 3% drop is possible...nope all predictions are for unlimited upside and huge returns!!!
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  8. That is clearly not true. Lots of bulls are cautious.
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    The bear minimum.
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