The S&P put in another short term bottom on April 11

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Did the S&P just put in another short term bottom on April 11 at 1283 ?

  1. Right on, see you shorties at 1334.

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  2. The last 4 calls were pure luck, we are going much lower than 1283.

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  1. Back again, going for 5 for 5. I say we saw yet another short term bottom in the S&P today at 1283. Short term target in the 1334 area between now and the end of May.
  2. you obviously didn't vote...or voted the other way:eek:
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    Not after 2 head fakes.
  4. I never vote in my polls.
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    I have to at least mention here that the last call (poll) was to see V at 1330. We didn't make it there-at least not yet, so I think this is premature. In addition, you remarked that bears would not push through 1290, but I think that has happened ---at least in cash it has. I don't understand here. The last call I don't believe was a success, but we are starting a new call with the last one now being reported as the 4th success in a row?
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    This trade has been offering itself for quite some time.
  8. My target has remained the same, 1330 area. I am calling short term "BOTTOMS" not "TOPS" From my last short bottom call at 1295 we went 17 points higher. The majortiy did not agee with me at 1265 when I said we would see 1300 and I do not expect it to be any different this time.

  9. This is a poll, go spam elsewhere.
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    That's just to confuse the Chinese.:D

    Anyway on a serious note, future and cash spreads still have to be crushed. Been since about last Oct when futures were negative on cash, I think.
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