The S&P put in a short term top on 2/20/07

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Will the S&P close higher than 1464 before if first declines to 1444 ?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I got a second signal from my auction computer once again. Just as before when we were at 1431 and fell 25 points, this signal was generated from the computer that I bought from an auction from thorn's defunct hedgefund. This signal is calling for max upside from today of 1464 and a minimum decline to 1444 on cash. Look out below.
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    forget 1464, where is 1500????
  3. Update

    Recent data now point to a move down to ~1427 by the end of March.
  4. Where do your targets come from?
  5. OK, and I've gotten two strong Buy Signals from my system.

    Let's see who gets where first. :)

    Good trading,

  6. correction?? I dont think so. Rotation maybe. Nas is very bullish....
  7. Just remember Vol, that was a computer from Thorn's hedgefund! :D

    The recent Downward Cycle was all the Bears are going to get ... the fact that they don't realize it is what is going to (in part) fuel the next huge run-up.

    I hope you're hedged properly on this trade.

  8. If you're depending on technology to drive growth growing forward, good luck.

    That movie has been played so many times before, and the audiences always give it two thumbs down. Way down.

    The Facebook sale to Google was my 'microcosm contrarian indicator' on tech.
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