The S&P just put in another higher short term bottom

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Did the S&P just put in a higher short term bottom on Feb 28 or is within 5 points?

  1. Volente you are still smoking crack, just because you were right last time does not mean you are rig

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  2. Volente you are right on, see you above 1300 soon on the run to 1340

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  1. The S&P just put in a higher short term bottom on Feb 28 or is within 5 points of doing so and will not close lower than 1275 before the next breakout above 1300.
  2. Amnesiac


    With all these threads of people making calls for an index not going above or below a certain price, I believe there is a market for the kind of products we have here in Germany.

    You can bet on all sorts of outcomes with them, for example the DAX not touching 6000 before a specific date. Just FYI, here's a list of some of the products offered:

    - HitHi & HitLo (price needs to hit a certain level)
    - EndHi & EndLo (price needs to be above/below a certain level on exp. date)
    - StayLo & StayHi ( price is not allowed to touch a certain level until exp. date)
    - Lasso (price needs to be within a certain range on exp. date)
    -Tunnel (price needs to stay in a certain range until exp. date)

    And they're really easy to buy, no margin needed.. the banks here really know how to suck the money out of newbie traders.. :D

    Do you have anything like that in the US?

  3. Yes
  4. awesome.. nice call once again$$$
  5. volente,

    nice call once again. what'd you use to come up w/ this very timely call? just curious... pm me at your convenience. if it's proprietary stuff, i understand if you wish to keep it confidential. TIA
  6. but now it is 1289. the possibility becomes 11 points up, 14 points down .
  7. We need a third option for your poll.

  8. is not available to US residents.
  9. Lorenzo


    Triple top and the game is over (1308) max upside.... before a waterfall decline

    The last gasp of Bernanke rally...

    Down we go until mid May

  10. Looks good to me but 1299.75 & 1301.00 have to be eliminated for this puppy to go even higher.
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