The S&p Just Put In A Double Top At 1431.81 On 12/18/06

Discussion in 'Trading' started by volente_00, Dec 18, 2006.


  1. Yes

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  3. I hope you did not pay much for thorn's signal calling computer at the auction.

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  1. This signal was generated from the computer that I bought from an auction from thorn's defunct hedgefund.
  2. You forgot to use the terms "guarantee" and "intermediate". Anyway, if this holds, we'll invite Thorn back to ET (but only if he guarantees to be civil).
  3. isn't there an "or else I ...." part you left off :)
  4. thorn


    the "defunct" hedge fund is +22% this year , and before any 1 lotters say "big deal, i made +1000%", the +22% return is on a low 9 figure trading acct. And given my trading "style", +22% is pretty incredible as the market has been alittle too strong for my taste in the last 5 months.

    I will not be posting much in the next 2 weeks, as it is time to travel to Fla for a well deserved vacation.
  5. thorn


    my computer still works well b/c 1431.8 is as high as the s&p will see in 2006. great call by the computer.
  6. Poor thorn, I figured out the problem was that he needed to turn the monitor upside down in order to make calls like this.
  7. Will the computer be correct ? Or will it revert back to it's old way of making bad top calls ?

  8. Thorn and Volente in agreement on the market top?!!!

    ( opens his shutters to make sure the sunrise is on the correct side....... )
  9. S2007S


    just like we bounced higher after the markets were completely oversold the markets will pullback when completely overbought, who knows when that will be. It could be this very second or it could be August 22, 2009, no one knows.
    #10     Dec 20, 2006