The S&P is looking very toppy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by James Stock, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. I say the S&P is topping right NOW.

    mr. moderator: rather than moving this thread, how bout doing what Inandlong did. Please don't allow the arse clowns to wreck the thread, and keep the thread ON TOPIC. That's your job, correct?

    I'll only respond to any related issues to a toppy S&P.
  2. What if there was a thread by James Stock, and nobody cared . . .

  3. Hasn't happened yet. I probably get the most responses and best interest as shown by page views.

    But I notice most of the threads you start have very few views.

    Mr. moderator: you have my permission to remove this response, and the moronic comment by nolan-vinny-sam (wiggle). let's keep this on topic please!
  4. I hate to break it to you James . . .

    But you are WRONG once again!

    People love viewing your posts, because you provide such immense ENTERTAINMENT VALUE. You are such a FUNNY GUY!

  5. I love these pissing contests...

    Go back to a post I made on Jun 3 2003..for which I was promptly called an idiot I am 9 days late....

    I said 1145 SP....and here we are...

    Since I still sense a great deal of top calling ..I am now revising my YE 2004 tgts from 1178-1210 to 1260.

    keep up the good work.

  6. balda


    Hi James,

    was wandering if you could offer any advice to a straggling trader? I understand that anything you'll wright in here might have a negative effect with others. So if you won't respond I'll understand.
  7. Quote from Balda:

    "I understand that anything you'll wright in here might have a negative effect with others."


  8. balda


    Question to all participants:

    isn't it OK to have loosing trades?
  9. Is something running around loose?

  10. Am I missing something here?

    March S&P now trading 1132.00

    #10     Jan 15, 2004