The S&P has bottomed !!!

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The s$p has short term bottomed or is within 5 points of doing so

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  1. Now way Volente is on crack we are heading for 1250 baby !

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  2. I agree Volente is on to something,

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  1. I say the S&P has just put in a short term bottom today or is within 5 points of doing it and will close no lower than 1265 in the next 11 trading days.
  2. For the record, all of those shorting this open post up so we know who will be covering for a loss.
  3. What a stupid, stupid thread and man you are.
  4. K-Rock


    Don't think/wish/hope...just react/react/react.
  5. How can it be we are already 7 points off of the low ?????

    And the s&p is above 1265 ?????
  6. nice call bro!!

  7. I think we found who shorted the open.
  8. shut up Eqt. so boring.
  9. :p :p
  10. I may have been wrong by .97 and the H and S intraday pattern let the bears get it there but I still stand by my call that a short term bottom is in. From now until March expiration the S&P will trade between 1260 and 1310.
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