The S&P 500 will top next at

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Where do you think S&P will top at next?

  1. 2480

  2. 2500

  3. 2525

  4. Higher than 2525

  1. Rise and grind

    Where do you think we top next at?
  2. I will not be voting as I don't call tops in multi year/month/week bull markets. cheers.
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  3. Serious question...what is a top? Because you said "top next", which implies your last call was a "top".
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  4. A peak before a pullback

    Technically it's dependent on your timeframe
  5. Last choice of the poll was created just for you

  6. Logic fail.
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  7. As we run out what looks to be a good earnings season, this should push higher towards 2500. I would guess it would stall there as we settle in for August. If the optimism holds, this will push higher by October earning season.
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  8. I notice your vote is suspiciously missing from the vote tally. What's your call @volente_00?
  9. 2481-2525

    So put me down at 2500 on the split
  10. We're in the same boat on that one as far as inflection goes (I'd use a slightly more conservative 2468 - 2532--but close enough). I suspect we have different opinions of which side of the range we leave though. ;)
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