The S&P 500 will top at 3250

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Will the S&P top at 3250 and pull back 9.23% ?

  1. Yes but it won't reach your 9.23% pullback

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  2. Yes and it will reach your 9.23% level of 2948 SPX

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  3. No way, Trump is taking this sucker to 3400

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  4. Who cares you are still early to the top

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  1. My parameters say 3250 is the top on SPX

    I have a 9.23% drop targeted to 2948 in next the next 90 days

    1% deviation and will consider my analysis void if SPX closes over 3283

    Good luck to all my trading brothers
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  2. RedDuke


    Why why why call the tops:D
  3. Nobert


    One might get lucky with the single stock : 78234747_2840865539286567_6382675216966877184_o.jpg


    the whole market...

    Whats the point. I don't know ?
    Unless one is all in into equities, and high correlation portfolio ;
    otherwise, why would it matter.

    We already got guys bailling out.
    Based on... 20 yrs VOO (?)

    What about 1930 - present trend ?


    Today found, a, cough* better thing to focus on :rolleyes: :
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  4. dozu888


    you mean you drew some imaginary 'trendlines' that only live in your head and that is the top.... this shit has ruined so many investors.
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  5. Overnight


    So you are basically saying that the S&P will go up only 10 more points, heading into Q4 earnings in January, and then correction ensues. Hmm. I do not think the top is in yet. How can this January be weak with all the retail spending going on during the holiday season? Amazon reported a whisper of "best holiday traffic to date".
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  6. The first option is very probable since it specifies an arbitrary amount of pullback (including a minimal one).
  7. schizo


    Didn't the OP already call the top last year, and then in May of this year and then again in August? :banghead: Dude, you've cried out wolf too many times. They ain't listening to ya anymore.
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  8. Overnight


    Well, yeah, in the end, there is no such thing as a "top". There are touches and then pullbacks, but the equity markets will never reach a limit and pull away and then never get there again on the long side.
  9. schizo


    Well, let me ask you. Were you trading back in 2008? When Lehman and Bear Sterns came tumbling down, it was a scary time for the bulls. It's really funny how forgetful people are as if the past cannot be repeated (yet they always do). It's also worth noting that when it comes to pure greed and fear, fear will ALWAYS triumph over greed.
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  10. Overnight


    No, I was not trading back then. But have the markets not exceeded the tops of 2007/2008? There is no true "top", a ceiling that will never be breached.
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