The S&P 500 topped at 3017.8

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Did the S&P 500 top at 3017.8 ?

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  1. Yes I think you are correct

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  2. Hell no you are wrong

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  3. Who cares Desterio is good people

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  4. Who cares Barron is still ripped and shooting for 10% body fat now

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  5. Who cares Volente sucks at calling short term SPX tops

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  1. I think the S&P 500 has topped at 3017.8. I believe we will correct down to 2650. I am once again giving 1% deviation on the trade and will consider it wrong if SPX closes above 3048 before touching 2650.
  2. dozu888


    no. Desterio is a troll.
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  3. MarkBrown


    exited my long at 3021
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  4. Another one...? :)

    What's the rationale?

    There's potential of a double top in play, but I'm not convinced. If I were entering a swing short, I'd wait for confirmation at the highs before initiating a position. As of now, I would not be surprised if we print 3022 + before the close today (24th of July). 13 minutes left to make that happen.
  5. S2007S


    Non stop unlimited upside. Next week the fed will juice the markets even more supplying a nice fresh rate cut. No such thing as market tops anymore. Those days are over. Only micro pull backs and a vix that doesn't even signal any type of complacency no matter how low it goes. Vix will slowly drop to historical levels into the mid single digits. Just keep buying. S$p is going to continue it's momentum to ultimate highs and keep going... remember
    Zero risk all reward all the time.
  6. Overnight


  7. ElCubano


    Melt up :D
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  8. dozu888


    search this forum, how many times have I asked 'what the F are people waiting for'...

    I am telling you, all over the internet there are voices in the know, asking the same rhetorical question... and people on the sidelines will jump in one after another.

    DOW 40000 first, erase the yield gap between the LQD and SPY, then we'll talk.
  9. MarkBrown


    I was playing the Mueller thing all day today when dems would talk the market would go up lol. As they asked Mueller the last question and wrapped up I piled in, not often I get to trade news been decades. I was in and out today trading on the long side 6 times. I seldom ever post about news events but it was halirious watching the market go up as the dems thought they were winning against my orange man.
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  10. MarkBrown


    I had a good friend who had tee shirts made saying DOW 16,000 lol, seemed like yesterday.

    I was trading the SP when it was below 200 so everything looks like a buy signal even 911, bring it bears.

    Going to try and get back in this thing tonight cause by friday who know's looks like moonshot.
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