The S&P 500 is close to bottoming for 2018

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The S&P will bottom at 2750-2759 for 2018

  1. Yes you are a moron but right

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  2. No you are a moron but wrong

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  3. Hell if I know I'm just here for the drama

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  1. We are close to putting in a bottom for 2018. I say they s&p will bottom in the 2750-2759 area for 2018 with 2% deviation. A close below 2695 will void this thread. My Spx range for the rest of 2018 is 2696 to 3056
  2. "Bottom for 2018"? Did you miss that one @ 2530 in Feb?
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  3. S2007S


    Haaaa, pretty funny.....I keep hearing from the talking heads that s$p 3000 is coming by Xmas that's funny!


    Yea not happening
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  4. No I called that one too if you search my posts from back then. And was mocked when I said we would make new highs.

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  5. Then, how can "2750 be the bottom for 2018"? There has already been a lower one. ?? Or.. did you mean "for the rest of 2018"? If so, should have said that. (IMV... fair chance you're right, BTW.)
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    lol to SPX 2745 last. smh and lolling. His poll became moot in two hours.
  7. I never try to pick bottoms, only tops.
  8. May I ask what your basis is for making this call? :)

    Is this pure technical analysis or are you looking at fundamental factors also?

    I have more than enough predicting the next 10 minutes and think it's futile to make long term predictions. I wouldn't be surprised if the top is in for the year, nor would I be if we take it out. Seems like there are several fundamental factors this time around which warrants a change of trend.
  9. Market always ignores/deflects negatives "up to a point" at market tops. Then one day, it "takes them to heart". Is that today?
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  10. Chart
    Gaps closing
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