the rules of coincidence; of interest to some

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  1. Of interest. bold mine.
  2. and last nights winning New York Lotto numbers guessed it... 911


    "Coincedence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and the pulleys."
    - Emma Bull, Bone Dance
  3. also HOV closed up $9.11 for the last 7 days at the close of 9/10. I wonder how many other stocks did similar things ? Collusion ? Can't prove it, so I guess we just laugh it off.
  4. Can this stuff be rigged? I can see someone putting one last trade through on the Sept Spoo at 911.00; and if that's all it takes to settle it, and it's trading in the area, it might be an easy thing to do.

    But the lottery?

    In the article above, a person used the term 'the rules of coincidence.' I think that is very astute.
  5. BruceF


    And last year when Flight 587 crashed near JFK, 587 came up in the NJ lottery.
  6. Cesko


    Read Carl Jung's work on (so called) synchronicity.
  7. I don't want to sound like a weirdo..

    But my life is filled with so much syncronicity that it is almost ridiculous

    I understand the odds of coincidence, but jeez..

    The study and paying attention to coincidence/syncronicity is a big hobby of mine.

    an example/practice of mine: Every day I watch tv and surf the internet at the same time..

    kind of silly, sure, but i noticed something a few years ago that caught my attention. Hearing a word spoken on tv and reading it at the same time. exact precision. my eye hits the word and it is said on tv at the same exact time. and not some word like "the" or "and"

    Im talking "fruitful" "discretion" "combustion" "protuberance" etc..etc..

    at least 4-5 times a day, and this has been going on for YEARS.

    It has reached the point that i am currently in a phase of hearing the word ONE WORD before my eyes hit the written word. Its like a game, or an inside joke between me and syncronicity. its been this way for the last couple of months.

    at this point you all think im nuts..
    but i swear its true. i am a scientist at heart. i have a bullshit detector that could equal any..
    just too many hits in a row, and too consistently...
  8. platypus,

    that happens to me too. but then again, i almost always have the tv on when i use my computer..and i do use my comp. a lot. so day after day, it's bound to happen...although i agree that when it does happen, you're like HMMMM!

    here is a big dose of coincidence for you...

    today you happened to post your post and i read it. chasinfla's signature has the "let's roll" quote. TODAY the example you mentioned happened to ME. i had the tv on and heard "let's roll" as i saw chas's signature at the same time. the starter of this thread is chasinfla.

    i still think it's just circumstance though..
  9. Platypus,

    Pretty soon, you'll have a guy in a nice black suit convincing you that he's with the Secret Service and that he needs you to break some codes for the Government. Then you'll probably start seeing some old friends from college that were actually never at your old college.

    Keep us posted on how the shock therapy helps you. Just remember to keep your tongue off any fillings in your mouth.
  10. a not so beautiful mind.. lol

    but when it happens so consistently and so precicely, something in you goes "wait a second.." and then "uh huh.."

    but when it changes phase so that you hear it one word before you read it, and that happens CONSISTENTLY, enough so that you feel like it is an inside joke lol then you go..
    :eek: :confused:
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