The Ron Paul Chronicles

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trader666, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Some here think the Democraps are beating up on Paulie. But, in reality they want Paulie to win the Republican nomination because they know he would be unelectible in the general election. Dems will be out in force in Iowa tommorrow trying to push him over the top. Fact is, he is unelectable for the Republican nomination, too.
  3. Horseshit. He's the only one who can beat Odumbo. Your hero needs to not be elected again and the good Doctor is the only one who can get Dems and Indies to join his camp. Amazing how Neocons and leftists are all attacking now. Status quo needs to end. Either join the real revolution or continue to be wrong.
  4. Funniest part of that video - its all logical. Every sound bite. Including the 911 one which was nicely edited to not show Ron's response.
    See, neocons and leftists think the truth is scary and confusing.
  5. Other then Romney Paul polls best against Obama.Paul is the only candidate that will take democrat votes from Obama



  6. The status quo does need to end but Ron Paul has ZERO chance of defeating Obama.
  7. Put them in a room together for 2 hours.
    Let the world watch.
    Guarantee its a bloodbath and Obama will not have a clue what hit him (hint - it was the truth!)

    There is no one who will end the status quo except Ron Paul. A limited president, who can only do so much without Congress, can still bring troops home, protect our borders, and stop meddling in the internal affairs of other nations.
  8. I'm all for these to some extent but to the right extent, whatever that is. But I don't know and neither does Ron Paul. He's already said he'd overrule his generals. That would be his prerogative as commander-in-chief but he shouldn't do that unless he knows better and he does NOT. If he were wise he'd give guidance and ask them to come back and tell him how they recommend doing what he wants and the potential consequences although there will always be unforeseen ones. To keep them honest he could form a team of retired military who share his views whose job is to sharpshoot and ensure he gets both sides. That wouldn't go over well but it would go over better than summarily overruling commanders on the ground.

    No one man on the planet has a clue which troops can be brought home and which countries it is in the best interests of the United States to "meddle" with politically, economically, or militarily without first getting the best objective input available... and even then it's only a best guess because there are so many variables and potential consequences.

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    Your George W. Bush clones are unelectable. That's why Obama, bad as he is, handily beat McCain.
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    You nailed it - they have no idea what a Constitutional Rebublic is suppose to be anymore - they have been fully brainwashed into a horrible corpotocracy with building socialism.
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