The Romney family achieved the American dream....

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  1. 'He looks like our Mike': Mitt Romney's unlikeliest fans... his relatives from the North of England

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has some unexpected roots, it has been revealed - his ancestors were carpenters in Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria.

    The family of the former Massachusetts governor lived in England's industrial northwest for generations before converting to Mormonism and heading for the New World.

    Romney is one of the wealthiest Americans ever to run for the White House and has estimated his fortune at between $190million and $250m.

    Many of his remaining family in Britain's rainy north, however, are factory workers or unemployed.

    At the time, Lancashire was a tough, polluted and chaotic place to live, and disease and drunkenness were rife. Mormon promises of a better and more orderly life fell on fertile ground.

    'It was a grimy, mucky hell on earth,' said Nelson, the vicar. 'Why on earth you would want to stay here, if somebody tells you there is milk and honey elsewhere? It was a horrible place.'
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    Humble origins: A sign for Romney Road in Dalton-in-Furness, where relatives of the Republican candidate were born and bred in the 18th and 19th century

    So if the Romneys had stayed in England, they would be unemployed or manual laborers, instead they came to America and achieved the American dream. Just shows you what is possible in the United States for those who work hard and dream big.......But some Americans still prefer to regress to the 1800's and live a life of poverty and hopelessness.
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    And Romney doesn't have a half brother living in a mud hut in Kenya on less than $10 a month that he's never helped.