The roaming trader

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by heavyhitter78, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Since I am too lazy to do any research myself or call law firms, I though I post my question on here.

    Can traders go to other countries without getting work visas, and stay for a year lets say and still trade remotely?

    I know it will depend on the country, but does anyone know our policies when it comes to Canadian or British traders coming here to trade remote, do they need a ssn, can they even get one? Then I could get an idea of where Canada, UK, and Australia might stand.

    Thanks to all you legal and political minds out there.
  2. Why would get a work visa to trade remotely? Conflict of terms no?
  3. I'm interested in this too, as planning to do some extended trips and trade the whole time.

    I would think you could just go on a tourist visa, bring your laptop and don't tell anyone what you're doing.

    On a side note, anyone know how hard would it be to get a self-employed working permit for EU countries?
  4. Just say "I'm in school"..or "im here to see family" :p

    That should work for about 6 months or so. :p