The Road to Recovery

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  1. 10s of thousands of economists around the world come together to try to figure out how to deal our debt, greeces debt, dubais debt and dozens of other countries that are deep in debt.

    Well I have the solution to all your problems. Its something that can be implemented today and its a fairly simple idea. Are you ready? Here it is.... STOP SPENDING!

    Ok...heres how you budget. Pay the people you owe money to first (bondholders and other types of debt holders). Next take 10% of your annual revenue and use that to pay down your debt. Take whatever you have left and divide it up between infrastructure, social programs, education, corrections, ect. whatever you want basically. When that money runs out...dont borrow any more. You need more money? Wait for your next check and stay away from the payday loans. THEN you can say we are on the road to recovery.
  2. Came up with a plan myself.

    You set up a fake billionaire meeting on some tropical island.

    Once the Paulsons, Sorosses and Buffets arive you chop off their legs so they can't escape and seize their assets.

    Next thing you do is you divide the trillions of $ among the populace.

    Watch the economy explode to the upside. Dow 40K is a given.

    Carsales in the US alone would reach 40 million easily.

    It's so easy I don't understand why this hasnt happened before.
  3. maxpi


    Don't worry about it, the sunspots have started up again, they are producing negative ions in the atmosphere, our moods are elevated and we will all start spending, producing, inventing, etc.. again.. it's like a traffic jam on an interstate after a wreck is cleared up, if all the cars would just slowly accelerate at the same time the jam would disappear in a minute...
  4. I thought thats what Obama was already doing.
  5. it is not enough.

    the real problem isn't just the debt it is the liabilities of pensions. if people default they will be even worse. you have to come up with a repayment plan.
  6. If we could cleanse Washington of the scum and stop the revolving door between Washington and Wall Street, we might stand a chance. As far as saving our currency, I think the Federal Reserve has pretty much sealed the deal for failure of our dollar. :mad:
  7. Well...we had a good run boys. Time to live like the rest of the peasants of the world. (remember...60% of the world live on less than 2 dollars per day, or about 1/10th of an oz of silver) Wont be long before some of us are joining those ranks here in the states.
  8. It's about time Americans started tightening their belts, traveler.

    Have you seen some of those fat fucks around?