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    Most of the time when people say that T/A doesn't work what they mean is that they didn't put in the time and effort to make it work for them. Maybe they moved on and learned something that they could use maybe they just sucked at trading. The truth is that if you will spend the time to really about chart patterns and the basics you can make some good money trading. Try this site and concentrate on just flags and pennants. If you learn those 2 things you can trade any chart out there.

    Good Luck (although you won't need it if you study)

    Edit: I forgot to post the website. Here it is.

    P.S. This is not a sales ploy and I am not affiliated with them in any way. It is just a good site that has a lot of info on chartpatterns.
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  2. Since we're talking self-here, I'd like recommend this little puppy:

    It Works

    What the thinker thinks, the prover proves

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    My best advise would be learn Price, TREND and maybe Trend lines. Read about pivot and higher highs... lower lows. Support and resistance. It all come back to price AKA Supply and demand.
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  4. The most important thing about trading,

    "Saturate your mind with second to second and minute to minute price action and scroll through different timeframes, when your watching it."

    See how it moves relative to itself from the most recent behavior of it. It will tell you a great deal about the character of the market.
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    set aside 3 years like a dog ......u might be one of about 3%......but it can be done, just odds are greatly against you have what it takes........not super intelligence...not big money....not mentors........not advisors......not lucky..not big ego.....not greedy........only sweat and tears and a deep passion for the can do this, if you want it bad enough...don't use real money if you cannot demo trade and steadily grow the demo account using 1 contract or no more than 2......if u can't you have 1 or 2 problems or system and/or no discipline....self control.......4re is correct...for the most part...the reason it will take many years for most is the kazillion combinations to be tested..if you wish...the best is not jumping out at you and the weak systems will take you out emotionally and financially. If almost everybody else loses why would you want to do what everybody else is doing? I can't figure that one out....
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    Oh yes, if anyone uses the word casino. FILE 13
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  7. yeah, that's my experience ... we'll see how I do in '07

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  8. Steve recommended this on another thread and I spent the 45 bucks required to have a look. Its a short term scalping system plus some extra stuff. If I didnt have a strategy I'd certainly try it and I'm testing adding an extra position to my current HSI trading using the basic NQ strategy.

    The strategy, psychology and support look like one of the best deals around :)

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