The Risks And Weaknesses Of The International Criminal Court From America's Perspecti

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  1. there are risks only because your G.U.I.L.T.Y. :)
    "The Rome Statute's two other offenses, crimes against humanity and war crimes,14 are even vaguer, as is the real risk that an activist court and prosecutor can broaden the language of the terms essentially without limit.15 It is precisely this risk that has led our Supreme Court to invalidate state and federal criminal statutes that fail to give adequate notice of exactly what they prohibit under the "void for vagueness" doctrine. Unfortunately, "void for vagueness" is largely an American shield for civil liberties.

    A fair reading of the treaty, for example, leaves the objective observer unable to answer with confidence whether the United States was guilty of war crimes for its aerial bombing campaigns over Germany and Japan in World War II. Indeed, if anything, a straightforward reading of the language probably indicates that the court would find the United States guilty. A fortiori, these provisions seem to imply that the United States would have been guilty of a war crime for dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.16 This is intolerable and unacceptable.

    The list of ambiguities goes on and on. How will these vague phrases be interpreted? Who will advise a President that he is unequivocally safe from the retroactive imposition of criminal liability if he guesses wrong? Is even the defensive use of nuclear weapons a criminal violation?

    We are nowhere near the end of the list of prospective "crimes" that can be added to the statute. Many were suggested at Rome and commanded wide support from participating nations. The most popular was the crime of "aggression," which was included in the statute but not defined.17 Although frequently easy to identify, "aggression" can at times be something in the eye of the beholder. Thus, Israel justifiably feared in Rome that its preemptive strike in the Six-Day War almost certainly would have provoked a proceeding against top [*pg 171] Israeli officials. Moreover, there is no doubt that Israel will be the target of a complaint concerning conditions and practices by the Israeli military in the West Bank and Gaza. The United States, with continuous bipartisan support for many years, has attempted to minimize the disruptive role that the United Nations has all too often played in the Middle East peace process. We do not now need the ICC interjecting itself into extremely delicate matters at inappropriate times. Israel, therefore, was one of the few governments that voted with the United States against the statute. "
  2. What?
  3. And what the hell does "perspecti" mean?
    Is that latin?
    The only risks are, that if anyone more powerfull came along, america might be found guilty of something.

    The weakness, clearly, is that the us created the damn organisation, and they might look like massive bloody hypocrites, to have opted out of this one world bullshit.
    Legally speaking that is , clearly, given Guantanamo etc, that they actually have.
  4. no need to be more powerful to recognize criminal conduct pal
  5. Well, thats bloody rich.
    Do you think , there might be an obvious reason, the un/europe/rest of planet may have NOT been leaping over themselves, to support the wonderful, and remarkably benign north american nation in their recentish - endeavors?

    Please, do give us your perspective,

    BTW, examine if you would, the reasons this great neocon nation, may itself be baulking, in fact, puking at the highest level, to partake of virtually any international political deliberations.

    Any idea's?
    Please enlighten us all.

  6. my pleasure pal :)

    thats because this young and naive nation, born in the benign blood of its native inhabitants and built on the benign sweat of peoples of all colours but WASP, only got propelled to its current & v.fragile position because of Europeans' stupidity - the collapse of the Old Imperial Powers in a few all-out power showdowns... but that doesn't make America smart, even less mature... still just a delusional narcissistic baby elephant for the most part of the vote...

    and if we needed an example... thks for being with us here today acro :D
  7. Hardy, har har har.

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    Your attempts at humour, seem.....

    Yes, you can all thank me for my attempted contributions towards world peace whenever your comfortable with reality.

    Yes, how big of you, .
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