The rise of electroshock therapy: A guide

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  2. "....the medical establishment sees electroshock as a way to make money off "elderly depressed women on Medicare."

    I think they should give them "mud baths" get them used to the smell of freshly dug earth.
  3. Speaking of electroshock therapy..

    I'm in therapy at the moment. I don't need it, obviously, but I got all these psychiatrist gift vouchers for Christmas which my family chipped in together for.

    What I really wanted was a crossbow.
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    pretty good
  5. I thought it was just me!
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    I walk in to work thru the rear of my hospital, go by the psych unit. Many mornings a few patients come out, most push there own wheelchairs to the anesthesia department, others get pushed by a nurse. Odd to see how lively some of them are. I suspect they all get pushed back...