The Rise of Asian Americans

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  2. I love my Asian brothers

    Obama Overwhelmingly Won Asian-American Vote

    President Obama carried 73 percent of the Asian vote on Tuesday, continuing a two-decade-long march of Asian-Americans toward the Democratic Party in presidential politics.

    Obama improved his performance among Asian-Americans more than among any other ethnic group between 2008 and 2012, according to exit polling. His support in the community jumped 11 percentage points, from 62 percent in 2008.

    The 73 percent support that Obama garnered was the highest since national exit polls began tallying the Asian vote, and it marked the fifth straight presidential election in which the Democratic nominee attracted a greater share of the Asian-American vote.
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    I still remember this from the LA riots in 92. A bunch of Korean store owners blasting the savages.

    Believe me, your 'Asian brothers' have no such love for people like you. Count on it.

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  5. I'm not a savage nor are most democrats WC .Asians are smart enough to know that thats why 73 % of them vote democrat.
  6. videos of Republican shooting Republicans don't seem to surface that much.
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    I guess you didn't watch any of the Occupy news coverage on TV.

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  8. Gross pspr.OW did not represent how most democrats behave pspr.You wont find one post on this site from me supporting them and Obama never said he supported them either
  9. The Republican party researches the fastest growing voting demographics in America and does everything to alienate them.

    Is it too much to ask for a party that supports low taxes, low regulation and a pro business environment that doesn't manage to alienate the electorate?