The Rise Isn't Over Yet..

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    The Rise Isn't Over Yet

    By Jim Cramer

    About this article:
    They couldn't bring it in. Nothing occurred that could knock the market down, and the shorts are trapped like rats. I don't know what I would do now if I were short. Maybe I would wait until tomorrow to see if the papers just decide to make up stuff about how Ben Bernanke wasn't signaling a cut. Or maybe you try to spin a story about how the expiration is leaning to the sell side. (Forget the fact that the 2:30 floor look -- the one that indicates how much there is to buy or sell on Friday -- showed much better to buy.) Whatever the setup, the bet against the market setup hasn't happened; instead, we have even the worst quarter -- Accredited Home -- moving the stock higher. Last week when we were down big, the bears came out with the usual Cassandra catcalls.

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  2. Ya gotta love this guy. On the afternoon of February 12, 2007 Cramer's headline on one of his articles declares "Not Done With The Downside" Of course the ES then immediately rallies more than 20 points.

    Now, today he has a headline declaring "We're Not Done Going Up" What a joker.
  3. Jim Cramer!

    The best fade EVER!!!!!!!!!