The Rise And Fall Of America

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    Ok sig or anyone else......

    "I am the beginning of everything the end of everywhere, I am the beginning of eternity the end of time and space"

    What am I?
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  4. Very interesting comparison:

    NSS ( National Security Strategy (NSS) on December 18, 2017 )


    BRI ( Belt and Road Initiative )

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  5. Just for the heck of it, this is a pretty good post on the subject by a very thoughtful blogger...

    Sure looks like trading the Obama rally was a lot more fun than trading the Trump one, innit?
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  7. What positions have you held? What wisdom do you have to share?
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    The market is rallying on promises and assumptions. He hasn't really delivered on much yet. Do you think policy changes are immediately reflected in the economy? It takes a year for effects to be visible, only now the US economy is starting to account for Trump's decisions (not promises).

    Dollar is doing terribly and that'll start hurting some eventually but the exporters will enjoy it. It's also worth noting that other CBs are selling their dollars and buying Yuan and Euro.
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    Well I was a military officer for 20+ years and have started 2 successful companies. So while I certainly don't claim to know everything about leadership (see my assertion that good leaders have humility in knowing what they don't know) I've certainly been a student of leadership for some time and have had the good fortune to get a lot of hands on experience. As for insights, I think I already provided those at least related to this conversation. A good leader knows their limitations, is humble in knowing what they don't know and to extend that knowing that there's a lot they don't know they don't know, and listens to subject matter experts. I'm not sure you'd find any successful leader outside the current POTUS who would disagree with that?
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    Looking back on recent US history there was one President who at the time seemed to have all the gifts of leadership. He looked good, sounded great but made a fatal mistake which subsequent leaders have endorsed without realizing circumstances have changed.
    He was completely hopeless at Foreign Policy and got the US involved in Vietnam on the assumption that a country living in the stone age could not offer much resistance. How wrong he was.
    Subsequent Presidents have spent shedloads of dollars on meddling in other country's affairs with not many positives to show for it. Trump thinks the answer is more expensive weapons. Is it ? I doubt it.
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