The Rise And Fall Of America

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    You'd be surprised that intelligent, well meaning, mature adults have no problem with discussing politics with those who hold different views. I have a number of friends who are far to the right and far to the left of me, and we're able to hold intelligent well meaning conversations and learn from one another all the time. We also actually look at data like, for example, housing starts before forming opinions on the matter. Is this fake data, and if so can you demonstrate the "real" data we should use instead? Or do you just not grasp how to read the graph and that precipitous fall in housing starts during the Bush presidency and rise during the Obama presidency isn't apparent to you? Again, using your simplistic metrics.

    On the other hand, you've so far demonstrated nothing but a combination of juvenile name calling and Breitbart sound bites, together with bizarre use of acronyms that you apparently don't actually know the meaning of. You are in no way acting mature and reasonable, and I'm damn sure going to point that out.

    I sincerely hope that you eventually learn to look at data before forming opinions, develop the ability to reform your opinions when presented with information that contradicts them, and realize that childish name calling and mindless stereotyping is best left to junior high.
    I too was super conservative and couldn't understand the idiocy those who didn't fit the mindset I was raised in when I was your age, so I get where you're coming from. Since then I got an engineering degree, served a full career in the military, went to a business school you'd be hard pressed to call socialist, and started two successful companies that now employee dozens of people, the first of which I started in 2008 so I actually lived through running a business in the time period you're talking about but apparently didn't really experience. This exposure to the rest of the world was very eye opening for me, and hopefully will be for you as well if you're able to listen to others. Notice that I didn't say I wanted you to become more liberal or even agree with anything I say. I'd much rather you were able to come up with your own well formed and supportable ideas that you could discuss intelligently than that you agree with me. A little humility on things you don't know and haven't experienced wouldn't hurt you either. I wish you luck on what looks to be a long journey.
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    You are confusing us with facts.
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    You have friends FAR to the left of you? that is funny..ROFLMAO..ROFLMAO..sorry hard to stop....good luck dude with your probable massaged data. Probally drawn up by socialists...ROFLMAO...

    You SUPER conservative! You gotta be kidding! Again ROFLMAO.

    PS i probally been, on the journey, shall i say, much longer than you!

    Have a good day laughing. You can laugh at me's ok....NO PROBLEMA.

    PPSS I don't need to look at numbers and graphs drawn up by ivory tower arm chair theorist who can sit in their offices and crunch and assemble data to reflect their ideology. I can just open my eyes put my spectacles on and "see" the real world. It is called "common sense". Mr T has accomplished more in one year than Mr O in 8 years. But no.. the socialists and leftists CANNOT stand it so they invent absurdities like "Mr O and his cream pie policies are why the economy is better".

    Keep your head up! One day a socialist with "good sense" MIGHT..MAYBE..1 in 1000 shot come along ..get lucky..and actually do some good.

    Please tell your friends about me. They deserve a good laugh at my expense!! On the other hand you probally won't waste your breath doing so. That too is funny! ROFLMAO

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    Ignore the facts. Remember the old saying "damn the torpedeos full speed ahead!
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  6. I think you underestimate the animosity felt by north koreans toward the south and by taiwanese toward the chinese. East and west germany was a mainly governmental split, and the reunification was inevitable. I think an end to north korean isolationism is likely. The economic ramifications of that is anyone's guess, I think mainly it would benefit the north koreans, God knows those people are suffering.
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  7. O
    Obama was clueless with the economy. If there is anything good to say about the man it is that he was aware enough to let others tell him what to do.
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    And now we add reading comprehension to the list of skills @volpri lacks.

    @volpi I'm always happy to discuss your experience starting and running companies has compared to mine and how that "real world", "common sense" experience has informed your thoughts. Maybe we can talk about our military experience as well, always good to experience the most socialist institution in America to understand the limitations of socialism. Just PM me and we can set up a day for you to come by my office and chat. I will have to ask you to stay off the floor though, the cleaners only come once a week and I wouldn't want you to catch any liberal cooties rolling around down their laughing as you seem to be apt to do every few sentences.
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    If you've ever led anything you'd realize that is a central tenant to leadership in any field, knowing your limitations, humility in knowing that there is much you don't know, and the ability to listen to subject matter experts. I only wish we saw more of that today, you?
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