The Rise And Fall Of America

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  2. It'd be not impossible, and most likely, that in the foreseeable future the North Korea and South Korea would be unified and merged, just like the Germany by unification of two old states, naturally.

    China and Taiwan states would highly probably do the same thing - unification as one country, naturally again!

    The countries consisting of (Unified) China, Russia and (Unified) Korea would possibly form a East Block, mainly due to their similar historical political systems - becoming a socialism-based mixed economy individually (with a lot of free market contents).

    Perhaps only a matter of when? lol

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  3. What you are describing is not capitalism. That's cronyism or corporate fascism. True capitalism happened and was most prosperous during the post civil war era up until around the 1920s. During this time more humans around the world lifted their standard of living exponentially than any other time and human history and experience the biggest economic expansion in human history. These "underpaid workers" you described are underpaid due to loss of value of the currency as a result of printing money and interests rates near zero. Many businesses creating high skilled jobs have been taxed and regulated out of existence. As a result of all this government expansion and intervention, the jobs being created today are crappy low paying jobs.
    There is no more capitalism. Capitalism died a slow death following the progressive era.
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  4. “For the first time, American strategy recognizes that economic security is national security,” Trump said in his speech. "

    Cold war?

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    Oh no, here we go again. The world is full of people with the intellectual and emotional maturity of a 7th grader who think they're actually making a point by throwing random insults around. Grow up my friend, if you have a specific point to make that you can back up with at least a single cogent thought then do so. Otherwise the "You're a stupid stupid dumb dumb" level of discourse which seems to be all you're capable of engaging in is simply juvenile to the adults in the room.
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    "It the economy" ....remember saying from a few years back? You may be too juvenile to remember! Left leaning people think they are so smart and all they do is ...wreck practically everything they touch and cannot stand any criticism..much like a child throwing a temper tantrum....

    Um is the economy NOW, compared to prev 8 years? Don't need any studies to see it is better. LOTS better. Malls filling back up...closed strip malls opening up..bigger paychecks...better employee being added....etc..etc..etc

    But leftist can't stand that can they? Lol.. ROFLMAO
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    You oughta know "who coined that phrase" ..."its the economy....." if you aren't too juvenile.

    Now it is the other way around!! ROFLMAO
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    December 2017:

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    You're actually starting to form the beginning of a thought, so let's examine that thought. Your nascent concept seems to be, "if the economy improves then the party in power is doing something right". The first budget that the Obama administration was responsible for was the fiscal year 2010 budget which started Oct 1st, 2009. The economy was unquestionably better by the end of the last budget Obama was responsible for, the fiscal year 2017 budget which ended Sep 30th, 2017 eight years later. And the economy was unquestionably better by any metric you care to use on Sep 30th, 2016 than it was on Oct 1st, 2008. And on Sep 30th, 2015 than Oct 1st, 2007. And so on. By pretty much any measure you care to use, the economy was in horrible shape when Obama came into office and significantly better shape when he left, those are simply facts, sorry if I "think I'm so smart" by foisting those on you. So by your metric, Obama and those "left leaning people" were doing something right. If you want to see "wrecking pretty much everything you touch" and use your simplistic view of the world take a look at any measure of the economy over the Bush Presidency, or talk to one of the tens of thousands of maimed servicemen and women who are still living with the injuries they sustained because of that administration. From your demeanor and ignorance I'm assuming you were still in school during the 2008 time period, but feel free to ask any adult who was of working age at that time how construction jobs, strip malls, employee morale, jobs being added... were going then.
    Of course the truth is that the world is a far more complex place than you seem to grasp, and Bush and conservatives weren't entirely at fault for the financial meltdown and Obama isn't entirely at credit for the significant positive turnaround in the economy, and Trump certainly isn't to be credited at all for what the economy did under a budget passed under Obama, but if we need to stay simple for you we'll use your metrics and even by those your position is completely unsupported.

    The economy is also doing well today. Contrary to your entirely false assertion, I and pretty much every other American regardless of political leanings, am happy about that. I hope it remains doing well for the entire 4 years of the Trump administration, as do the vast majority of the rest of the country regardless of political affiliation. I stand criticism just fine, if you can manage to do something beyond calling me names I'll be happy to address your argument in detail, as I just did. If you can show where I've ever thrown a temper tantrum I'll be happy to apologize, however I'm not holding my breath for you to actually back up your accusations with any actual facts, being as how those are for "left leaning people who think they are so smart and all". You, on the other hand, may be suffering from Dunning Kruger syndrome to the point that you don't see it, but when you put up a post that consists entirely of childish name calling, then accuse the person who's done nothing but respond with calm rational discussion "childish", well let's just say you'll receive the respect you deserve. And by the way, most adults don't feel the need to "roll on the floor laughing their ass off" or "laugh out loud" after each post they make.
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    ROFLMAO Typical Regressive response. Aprox 10 trillion debt when he came in aprox 20 trillion when he left. Businesses closing. Housing's down..everything down. Anybody with common sense can tell it and feel it.

    Don't need any leftist numbers to decipher it. Fake facts..Fake news!

    Ok so now we pull out the mature ..reasonable...button to put on...

    Dunning kruger?? Lol looks who is calling someone else incompetent....typical regressive regression.

    Things are mucho better and Mr T catches hell everyday..


    Socialists NEVER get it!

    Sorry just ...funny. Oh well you got you viewpoint.... i got mine. You won't convince me and I won't convince you. So probally best to just leave it there.
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