The Rise And Fall Of America

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  2. " Here's How Much Australia's Infrastructure Is Worth Compared To Other Countries
    Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan
    Nov 4, 2015

    All in all, the report pegs the value of those physical assets -- computed for 32 of the top-spending countries -- at a whopping $US218 trillion worldwide. So how do these countries compare? In terms of straight value, the US has been eclipsed by China over the past two years:

    While Arcadis points out that Qatar bowls every other country over when you look at it per capita value, that's pretty unsurprising for a small country investing massively in its cities and infrastructure. By that metric, Australia is only five places behind:

    [​IMG] "
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  3. MACA - Make Another Cold-War Again!

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  4. " The 19 countries with the highest level of government debt

    Lianna Brinded Sep. 29, 2016 "

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    Chain immigration is to blame.
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  6. You are right. The video explains why.
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    Crapitalism is no better for the average Joe. The robber barons are alive and living in luxury on the backs of under paid workers.
    Here in the UK the Union bosses were found to be living for free in upmarket mansions. The Tories ( this word comes down from history meaning thieves ) are no different.
    I see in the home of capitalism ( the US ) both parties are dominated by rich people, even dynisties like the Bushes, Clintons., Kennedys etc.
    The human race sucks........................
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    That's just burying your head. You're in the human race: commit to it. What system do you want to live under?
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  10. Its clear that the peak of american dominance was the 1950s. JFK/LBJ institued a number of insane policies that irrevocably destroyed the stable social order that had existed and allowed america to reign supreme in world matters.
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