The Rise And Fall Of America

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  1. imo, one of the major root causes of our world problems is when we want to have something changed according to our own timing!

    Through neglecting there is always a natural cause quietly working according to a natural timing!

    Hence - Wars!

    When given enough time, countries like Vietnam, China, Russia nowadays are running mix-economies after gradual and natural transformation, AFAIK. Without requiring any external forces by wars like the Iraq one.

    When given enough time, the US ...

    What do I know? lol
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  3. History of U.S. Income Tax

    The highest marginal federal income tax rate, by president and party, over time


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  4. [​IMG]

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    You of whoever provided you this graphic "conveniently" cut off the y axis labels and photo-shopped out the names of the Presidents. Presumably because it showed that the first period of higher taxes corresponded with this thing they called at the time The Great War and we now call World War I. And that next period of low taxes culminated in this thing we called The Great Depression, and the next period of high taxes corresponded with this thing we called World War II.

    Now you have to ask yourself, if whatever point one is trying to make is valid, why would one feel the need to manipulate the graphic like that? Here's the actual graphic that the New York Times published.

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  6. I just did the normal copying of the image and pasting. Thanks anyway.

    PS: Now I cannot see your whole chart from my this reply post! Except only this: "
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  8. The video explains that democracy leads to that.
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    Oh no here we go again...the world is full of commies..socialists (who thinks the world owes them something)..snowflakes...and progressives (aka regresives) ROFLMAO
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    Oh nos, not the commie people again!

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