The Rise And Fall Of America

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  1. When you use the term "US" whom do you mean? This implies that the US is a collective rather than individuals who own their own private land. Are you suggesting private landowners who worked hard and earned the capital to purchase property relinquish it?
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    One unique feature of the Taiwan system is its Five Councils structure.

    Especially the Control/Investigative/Audit Council. With Council Members directly elected by people. Rather than by Government appointment.

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  4. Tariffs:

    The US now can slow down and relax!

    China now would have to do much more on innovations in order to survive and compete!

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    The big dopey countries are headed for dictatorship.
    There's China who have " elected " Xi for life
    Russia who have Putin for another 6 years and likely to be more.
    The USA with Trump clearing the way for permanantcy too. He sacks any opposition to be able to produce pure trumpism. Sacking Mueller will stop those nasty investigations.
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    Putin made his intentions clear when he swapped seats with the Prime Minister at the end of his second term as president. Seems certain he was still in charge behind the scenes, then he just went back to being President.
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