The Rise And Fall Of America

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    Trump's isolation policies will help other nations willing to fill gaps left by the USA. which in isolation will become even more uncompetitive.
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  3. A pretty fair-go policy, internationally.

    Good for the USA. Knowing her limitations in reality by now!

    Good for Canada, Mexico, the UK, the EU, China, Russia, etc., individually.

    Also good for any international business expansion of Trump Empire, imo.

    Just Today, I think the world problem, especially the US, has been carrying out economic and scientific development historically mainly upwards vertically, rather than spreading the growth of economic and scientific development horizontally for reducing equality.

    Perhaps a Union of S of A, just like the EU, would be a better format than the current United S of A format. lol

    Was that Union format the original idea?! lol

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  4. cf:

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  5. Britain has been willing to cede direct control because they have 4 arms of control:
    1. legal system
    2. monetary system
    3. physics standards
    4. Queen's tea parties

    All 4 devices of slavery and oppression are rooted in England. That's how they rule, by creating rules.
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  6. Anyhow, America has a chance to transform, or it will be destroyed. (Shiva)

    President Trump is paving the way for a transformation, but is not getting much help. "Deep state" is undermining and destroying evidence that would incarcerate them.
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    IF Trump ever gets his stupid wall built a new sport could arrive with a gold medal for the first to cross it. Probably in the first week !
    If he wants any help the architects of The Great Wall are surely dead but there may be a few from The Berlin Wall still alive !!
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  9. Probably not too hard for intended people wearing well-protected clothes and standing on the roof of a relatively tall truck, then jumping to another side of the future Mexico Wall!

    With or without the help of a rope for better safety purpose.

    Good for the construction contractors and workers. GDP surely going up!


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  10. No jumping required! Pretty safe!

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