The Rise And Fall Of America

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    I think that politicians should be replaced by administrators.
    They are less likely to start wars or goof off.
    Politics is about the only profession that needs no qualifications or brains, just a big mouth.
    They are more likely to get the potholes etc. fixed. Really boring but necessary.
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    That's what career civil service is. The vast majority of government at the federal, state, and local level are non-political merit hire career employees. They're also derisively called bureaucrats, often with some choice modifiers added in. And I've also heard the term "unelected bureaucrat" thrown in as well to criticize the entire concept. I'm with you on the need for a well regarded, well paid civil service that can attract quality administrators to administer government. Unfortunately most critics of government seem to hate that concept even more than they hate politicians.
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  3. "
    How democracies die, explained
    The problems in American democracy run far deeper than Trump.
    By Ezra Klein@ezraklein Feb 2, 2018 "

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    Just been watching a fascinating documentary of Nazism in America. Characters like William Pelly and George Rockwell.
    One would think the issue had been settled by WW2 and the horrendous cost of millions of lives.
    All this "one people" etc. talk by Trump make me nervous he is a lurking extremist.
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  6. The fact is it'd be much safer to enjoy Democracy when living in a country like Australia, or Canada/ NZ I think, with a two major parties system

    Because, there is a Governor-General who could possibly dismiss the PM that is merely a majority party's elected leader who could be possibly replaced by an internal voting anytime within the party. By replacing an on-duty PM with an opposition leader.

    Besides, the GG in case of critical moment would have to listen to the Queen in the UK who would sometimes, or from time to time, gather suggestions from the PM of the UK, who is also just a majority party's elected leader who could be changed within the party anytime if required.

    In an extreme rare situation, the two majority parties in Australia and the UK mentioned above and their party members could have different political philosophies and mindsets from time to time between them and the leaders in order to produce any possible guaranteed collusion.

    Furthermore, directly or indirectly, the current management of the UK is also observed by the team members of the EU, that have so many diversified voices about extremely critical issues.

    Pretty safe, indeed! lol

    The history of American political system, relatively short when comparing to the UK one or the Ancient Greek ones, at times looks like an experiment! :)
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    Freud are you penn state educated?
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    Shucks Freud (aka pistol pete) just go back to landscape designing? Will you? Pu....leeze!
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    So often in the UK the elected party leader is not the best person to lead the country.
    To give examples :-
    1. feeble John Major was a relief after bossy boots Thatcher and the Tory big players like Heseltine could manage him much more easily than a more robust character.
    2. The last Labour leader ( Milliband ) took the crown from his much more able brother for much the same reasons.
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