The Rise And Fall Of America

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  1. imo, the Cosmopolitan Democracy model with the Continental Block approach would provide potentially an ultimate system to attain long-term world peace that would greatly save a lot of unneeded spending on government administration, security and military setup.

    Possibly an agile, financially viable, and politically stable system.

    The UN then would be converted to a UCB consisting of perhaps just (ideally) 4 sub-committees of which each is for a CB.

    Ideally, total 4 Continental Blocks: America/USA/Brazil/Mexico, Asia/China/Indonesia/Australia, Europe/Russia, Africa/Middle East/India. And Natural Borders for each Continental Block.

    The present form of UN managing and coordinating a total of 193 nations with different cultures, and political and economic structures individually would be hardly efficient or adequate, besides costly.

    When each CB required to manage and coordinate about 25 nations on average through trying to optimise (not maximise) their well-being and economic growth would be much more easier and effective.

    The conventional way for a strong nation trying to provide assistance and emergency care for a needed nation geographically 2 continents far away across ocean waters would be simply inefficient and ineffective.

    Initially, one CB in the 4 CBs might require more inter-CB helps in developing economic growth and stable security.

    The World in 2050

    The long view: how will the global economic order change by 2050?

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  2. This 4 CB approach is critical in order to avoid an over authoritative world government.

    Hence the world governor for administration must be periodically rotated between these 4 CBs.

    While other 3 CB committees are assigned separately for fiscal/economic, personnel/audit, and legislation/arbitration. Also on rotation basis.

    Only one layer with fixed personnel would easily provide executive/ administrative problems.

    People living living in one of the CBs can make official complaints to any of the other 3 CBs concurrently, not just the CB currently living.

    Distribution of power and checks and balance.


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  3. Here is an example that a CB to resolve a conflict for a member nation of the CB, that understands and knows a lot of intelligence collected locally and freely for the member nation, could be a preferred approach, considering cultural difference, religious background, decision-making philosophy, etc.

    Especially, how the different backing and suggestions from the other 3 CBs would be useful for resolving conflicts, hopefully.

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    Dude -- whatever battle you're fighting, you won days ago. 'Kay? :rolleyes:
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    At least he's got truth in advertising with his screen name and every now and then he does come up with something insightful. I think of him like that eccentric professor where the trick isn't trying to understand him but learning to keep half an ear out so you can catch the occasional moment of brilliance. I also just assume he's engaged in a conversation with someone I blocked, then it makes slightly more sense. He certainly adds more value then some of the other mental midgets on this thread!
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    Your name suggests Oak Island may mean something to you ??
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    The US withdrew from world affairs in the 1930s.
    Ducked out of the League of Nations, which let Nazi Germany through.
    Trump's MAGA campaign may appeal to the blue collar workers at home but will help to isolate the US abroad.
    Withdrawing from the Paris Accords just goes to show what an ignorant fellow he is and will help fry the planet.
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  8. Perhaps the US does have her limitations - Resources!

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  9. I think you mean more like the "parasite" accords. I am always a skeptic when the scientific community comes up with some goofy consensus such as human caused global warming which is highly disputed and joins forces with politicians to tax an already terribly overtaxed society to implement their theories. True isolationism is when a country is broke like the U.S. Now they want to increase more debt and taxes on top of of this bankruptcy. That's isolationism.
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    You have any other examples of a "goofy consensus" scientists came up with, using that goofy scientific method of theirs, that good old common sense people like you exposed as a fraud? I mean your use of the word "always" implies it happens all the time. Are you talking about that whole earth revolving around the sun bullshit? Or maybe the whole round earth crap. And don't get me started on this whole theory where a thing can simultaneously be both a particle and a wave, and when you look at it, the waveform collapses and it becomes a particle. Although you can't ever know exactly where that particle will be, just a probability function on where it could be. That's not just "goofy", it's batshit crazy. And also the foundation for semiconductor physics that allows ignoramuses to pontificate their middle ages wisdom to the rest of us on the internet.

    Do us all a favor. If you reject the scientific method, then stop using all modern technology based on the scientific method. Otherwise, stop and think for a minute why you've decided that being a conservative means you have to completely reject this one application of the scientific method while pretty much all of the health and prosperity you enjoy is on the back of those who believe in and use it. The hypocrisy of it all is just stunning.
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