The Rise And Fall Of America

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    Erhlich is (was?) a fucking weirdo. He wouldn't let his kids watch movies with families with more than two kids who were happy.
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    I hadn't heard that one. Sounds a bit like an urban legend to me especially given that he has only had one kid (singular), although given that I grew up in a fundamentalist house where we didn't have a TV and couldn't watch movies of any kind because we might be infected with ungodly thoughts, I know that kind of thought process isn't uncommon among extremists so no surprise it would extend to the other end of the spectrum. If nothing else he was most definitely wrong with his predictions. At least he was self-aware and intellectually honest enough to admit he lost his bet with Simon and pay off, which is far more than you can say for the volpis of the world who simply insist that the facts are wrong when they don't comport to their fabricated worldview.
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    But not even close in school math, school geography, infant mortality.... "Hoo boy." :confused:

    But Lo! We're "killin' it" in sex ed!! :wtf: Yessireee. In the age of the Interwebs, when Johnny and Suzy both know at 12 SO MUCH MORE than you or I did
    at 22 [ :sneaky: ].... we've got to take class time and recess time and keep them parked in their seats, to hear about sex. Sex!!!
    And then we wonder :wtf::mad::wtf: at Johnny and Suzy not knowing how to handle parentheses and exponents, even though we've stoked 'em full of re-purposed diet drugs "Amphetamine Salts"..... :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Deep-six-figure superintendents and coaches, and classroom teachers who qualify for welfare. :confused:

    Okay. I'm done. :cool:
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    Careful or you're gonna start sounding like a grumpy old man:)

    The think I find interesting as the father of middle-school/high school kids is that at the high end "kids these days" have access to far more advanced STEM and humanities courses than we did in my day, I have a freshman in public school doing stuff I didn't see until college as an electrical engineer. And many of my kids classmates are doing amazing stuff, go to a science fair and it will blow you away and the same with some of the social enterprise/social impact work they're doing. So I think it's less "kids these days" and more a reflection of wealth disparity trickling down to education.
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    He was a popular citation in highschool debate. I remember someone telling me this story then. But "kids" vs "kid" makes sense as it reinforces his beliefs about overpopulation. I haven't followed him since then so I don't know if he recanted or not. from what you are writing, it sounds like he's changed his mind.
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  8. 1. I did watch it, more than twice - per your advice/request.

    But I myself don't quite catch what are the key points you would like me/us to pay much attention. Likely due to my comprehension ability.

    Would you mind writing a summary for us to view how everything is explained in your summary?

    2. I think the world has changed. Long time ago, many new nations like the US and Australia were created after people finding and cultivating a new land overseas.

    I am just wondering whether there is any political system and structure of a nation that can exist forever without any major changes. e.g. USSR, EU, etc.

    3. I can recall I did mention a proposed system below that I think I like it before:

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  9. Well in the very word you use "system" lies the problem. In order to obtain the maximum amount of freedom, the individual needs to be empowered. "System" is implies a collective. People live, function and prosper on a profit motive. This motive as illustrated by the philosopher Adam Smith indirectly benefits others. "Systems" are something people are forced into under the rule of government. The results is stagnation, booms and busts and in most cases tyranny.
    Nothing is forever. Changes happen as a result of many factors which include technological advancements, education of the masses, geography and war among other things.
    The key points in the video are quite clear. Democracy and the growth of government caused a rapid decline in a once prosperous country.
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