The Rise And Fall Of America

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    I like things simple. Schumer lost. Trump won. The rest (on both sides) are wringing their hands and wiping the sweat off their faces.
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  3. How can he be a moral leader of sodomites?
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  4. ?

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  5. Watch the video in the original post. It really explains it best.
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  6. Imagine when using the Continental Block system approach which provides free mobility within each Block, perhaps many of the problems below could be avoided or very much minimised.

    Spending on government administration, election, lawmaker office and staff, military setup, etc could be also greatly reduced.

    Visa would be required only for inter-block travelling or working.

    Actually EU could be setting an example for this approach.

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    NO LONGER being number one is likely to make lots of troubles. The gooks come out of the brush to promote the most ridiculous cures.
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  8. Trump is a very honest person by saying MAGA - Make America Great Again, telling the Americans a reality that "We are now No Longer great anymore".

    People may not understand that that is not the same as "Make America 30-Years-Advance Now!"

    And the actual meaning per Trump is "Make America In-The-1950 Again!", rather than "Make America In-The-2050 Now!"

    The difference is Bigly! lol

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  9. Mexico according to the chart by PWC will become a top 10 economy, which might even offers better medical services to general residents.

    Building a border wall now, and remove it later to avoid embarrassment, would definitely boost annual GDP - twice, as well as employment figure - also twice!

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  10. Border Wall vs Belt and Road

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