The Rise And Fall Of America

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  1. Some regulation is preferable to none. But some can very quickly become too much, which binds and confuses the free market.
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  2. Then I suggest you get your hearing and rest of your head checked.
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  3. Some regulation would be nice. We flew past that threshold almost a hundred years ago.
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  4. Governments tend to bloat. Has never been an exception.
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  6. The meaning of America: "the purpose-driven experiment - Lincoln "

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    Well please enlighten me then. According to you government bad, no government or government not involved in economy good. Those are the 2 countries in the world that currently have the least amount of government and government involvement in their economy. And to paraphrase, you seem to agree that they are holes of at least some sort. On the flip side, all the major economies of the world have significant government involvement in those economies, and yet they are indeed the world's major economies. Seems your philosophy is just that, not something that can withstand contact with the real world. The real world, as I keep pointing out to you and you keep ignoring, is complicated and requires nuanced thought, not naive simplistic slogans.

    By the way I just had my flight physical and my audiogram actually had a couple of -10s with the rest 0, so while I appreciate your concern about my hearing you can rest easy. I admit I haven't had a mental exam, but unlike some of us I still seem to be able to detect sarcasm, so there's that.
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    It should be a major worry to the USA how China has managed to catch up from a peasant economy, in only 40 years.
    Maybe democracy has more defects than realised and is slowing down progress ?
    But of course autocracy limits freedoms of speech etc.
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    I'd use the term "catch-up" pretty loosely. US GDP per capita is $57,000, China's is $8,000, and the U.S. achieves that without the staggering levels of pollution, corruption, inequality, loss of freedom..... that Chinese face. I just have to push back on this "China is taking over the world" meme because in reality while it's made impressive strides you can't just extrapolate out the line on the graph to China ruling the world in X years as the pundits seem so fond of doing.
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  10. 1. For the US System

    If everyone is entitled to have a projection, one might think the 10% primary turnout of combining conservative (pro-gun) and evangelical (pro-life) voters due to their strong willpower collectively would easily determine the future of the US possibly in the next 100 years, if not longer.

    Unless certain fundamental changes structurally would be done! lol


    2. For the China System

    Hopefully, the mainland China government has learned enough from the Taiwan government for the transition process of how to transform from a single party system into a two major parties system.

    And the whole China in the foreseeable future would use a two major parties system after these two states (mainland and Taiwan) later to be unified/ merged without requiring any war/force.

    3. imo, ideally there should be just Continental Blocks: America, Asia/Australia, Europe/Russia, Africa/Middle East/India. And Natural Borders for each Continental Block.

    National borders in the current form would be just causing more conflicts and troubles. lol
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