The Rise And Fall Of America

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    Went to grammar school with the kids who's father founded Sequoia, one of the kids would invite my little brother over to hangout/play and the old man would put em to work mowing the lawn and various manual labor choirs then when finished give him a couple of bucks, even back then it was shit pay,needless to say my brother never went back. We still laugh about what a squirrel he was.
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  2. Comparing the ‘Trump economy’ to the ‘Obama economy’
    By Nicole Lewis December 14, 2017



    Financial crisis of 2007–2008–2008


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  3. We should need to learn why and what policies were actually done/ implemented for " growth at a 3 percent or better pace for three quarters in a row. Economists were ratcheting up fourth quarter growth to 3 percent or better after strong fourth ... "


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  4. God save the country from the libbers and Trumpie the Bankruptcy Reality TV King.
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    Just like that Somali economy, I hear it's doing great because they don't have a fed and their President and parliament do stay out of the economy. I hear similar great things about Yemen's economy dues to their lack of government participation in their economy.
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  6. Besides thanking Trump, don't forget to thank also many others:

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    And the Trump rally continues. New highs Friday for the S&P and Naz! While the regressives shut down the gov the markets shake it off. Without Mr T we would still be in the slump. Maybe the ****hole.

    Mr T is a GREAT president! Gonna MAGA! He just completed a phenomenal and glorious first year! Should win a second term ..NO PROBLEMA.

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    Trump aces cognitive test! Yes! Trump in excellent health. Yes! Regressives stumped! Yes! Try to turn doctors report into fake news. They fail! Yes!

    Well on the road to MAGA! Yes!

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
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  9. Got to be a few good eggs somewhere.
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