The Rise And Fall Of America

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    Trust no one in business. They would sell their own mothers out for a few bucks.
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  2. Enlightened monarchy is an alternative, but it depends on a wise ruler. However, democracy depends on a wise (and attentive) public.
    Which is more likely?
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    Once AI is working well it may have all the qualities for leadership.
    No self interest or greed. No stupid decisions etc.
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    That depends on a couple important variables. Do you have a math or engineering undergrad? An MBA? Are you retiring around the 40 year old mark or are you in your 20s?

    Finance is pretty tough to break into, it's very much like the military in that you have to "pay your dues" working 80 hour weeks as an analyst doing crap work for a couple years before your resume will even be considered. And because it's an 80 hour week job with a lot of bullshit, there is a perception that only early 20s recent college grads can both handle the workload and not call out the bullshit, so there is quite blatant age discrimination. That said, I know there are a couple of the more respected members of this forum who have hired military folks that did at least a couple of enlistments and apparently been pretty happy with them, although you're going to need a quantitative degree and be able to convince them you can handle the math. I certainly do my best to get my friends and fellow MBA alumni in finance to consider transitioning military as an untapped resource that will get you intense loyalty and ability to put your head down and work regardless of the glamor of the job, which are both apparently rare qualities in finance.
    I went a different path, after the military and my MBA I started a company that runs auctions and brokers commodities that don't fit into traditional exchange trading for a number of reasons. I became an expert in that little niche and the guys who's HR departments wouldn't have even read my resume were more than happy to do business with us. The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that you're seldom asked for your resume, and when someone does ask about your background your military experience is generally an interesting talking point rather than something an HR department doesn't know what to do with. It's almost entirely about your product and results, which is much more amenable to someone with a military background I think. You might also consider partnering with someone who does have finance experience, as especially if they're younger they probably have very little operations or leadership experience and what is an obvious course of action for you often wouldn't even occur to them. As a result you can make a pretty good team offsetting each other's weaknesses and learning from one another. I had decent results with this and have seen others really benefit.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more specifics offline. I'm always excited to help a transitioning military person who wants to actually take a leap instead of just going to essentially do the same job as a contractor or civil service, which sadly it seems the majority do.
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    Absolutely, no argument there. As I said a number of times on this thread this volpunter character's view of the world is naively simplistic, but even if you grant that approach as correct it still doesn't lead to the conclusions his type have come to. Obviously getting into an intelligent discussion about how much impact a President can have on the economy and how quickly, the role of Congress, the impact of policy and laws passes by past Administrations and Congresses...are way beyond the volpris of the world, but do have a real impact. That was also the point of the blog article, he essentially talked about why a simplistic measure of stock market returns in a President's first year was an idiotic way to judge a President, but even if you were to use that idiotic measure it would indicate Obama was far more successful than Trump.
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  6. The President (whichever at any point in time) and Congress and most especially The Fed need to stay out the economy. It does just fine if left alone.
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    ROFL again! I have never been so happy to see a president leave office as when Mr O left. When he won I predicted he would destroy the country and almost did. Mr T fortunately got in just in time to undo alot of Mr O’s and the progressive (regressive agenda) within the first year thus raising high hopes again for the country and sending it into prosperity again. 3 more years and the country should be back on firm footing. FINALLY! If he can get the deadbeat democrats to work with him and and swamp RINO Republicans to quit fighting him. Trump will fix the country if the scumbag politicians will quit being politicians and listen to him. He will go down in in history as a great president. Watch and see! Then we got the scumbag media....little hope for them...milksops they be..
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    @Sig ...Since your call yourself SIG I hereby dub you as “pistol pete”

    Can you imagine a gun toting progressive? Your old conservative roots just too deep to let go eh and become a gun free progressive.

    So Pistol Pete many profits to you trading the Trump rally. But, if you prefer to call it the Obama rally...well go sad.
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    Well, you got that part right.

    (I'll admit that I just don't have the stomach or the time to read the rest...o_O)
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    Take some will help...i know it hurts ..bad ...but things will ..and are getting better. Brighter days ahead! For the liberals things might get more depressing...who knows??
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