The Rise And Fall Of America

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    Nice to see another ex-British country starting to make decent progress. This will have good results given time.;)
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  4. The world ought to become a much more inclusive, tolerate ad harmony place among different cultures, races, income-levels, and wealth-distributions.

    Perhaps the world's centre of gravity, in economic/ political/ cultural/ military/ etc terms, has been naturally and gradually shifted from the West to East.


    [​IMG] "The leaked Nuclear Posture Review contains a graphic that shows the new nuclear delivery vehicles the US’s enemies have developed over the past decade.Source:Supplied "
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    Even though democracy is poor in many ways, dictatorship, the obvious alternative, is a lot worse except for the elite running it.
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  8. imo, I hope nowadays their difference between the two ideologies has been gradually reduced due to the availability of the Internet and provision of general/higher education.

    Need to be patient to see potentially long term development, besides to understand culture difference, in order to avoid any unnecessary war.
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    Dictatorship is not just some other ideology. It is slavery and totally unacceptable in any nation.

    It is deeply shameful that dictators have full membership of the UN, when they can barely qualify as members of the human race.
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    Freedom is imho a fight worth having but it must be wanted sufficiently by the enslaved.
    The North Koreans obviously aren't up for it if they can't get rid of one man.
    Don't deserve it either.
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