The right-wing lie about the UAW

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    Some assclown named Andrew Ross Sorkin at the NYT pulled the $75/hour wage figure for UAW workers OUT OF HIS LYING ASS! The true amount is nowhere near that.

    How much are current UAW auto industry wages?

    As of the second quarter of 2003, a UAW-represented assembler earns $25.63 per hour of straight time. A typical UAW-represented skilled-trades worker earns $29.75 per hour of straight time. Between 1992 and 2002, inflation-adjusted real wages for UAW-represented autoworkers increased by 13.5 percent. This is a compounded annual pay increase, after inflation, of 1.28 percent.

    According to Olbermann (yes, that Olbermann, whose most irritating habit to the right is that he has actual facts to back him up), the current average wage may be $28/hour, maybe reaching $38/hour with benefits.
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  4. Hey Kut does it sound logical that between 1992 and 2002 the average wage increased 1.28% every year. How in the hell does that sound logical when US autos began losing competition during the mid 90's.

    Unions started to become more powerful during the mid 90's raising employee's wages even when the companies started losing profits to foreign autos makers.

    Debating the average employee pay by noting someone who is outlandishly and easily seen to be wrong does not matter. If you are going to devote the entire argument to some dumbass that said the average worker gets $75 an hour than you are merely trying to win an argument against an idiot and by doing that you are also assuming that everyone on the other side of the argument are idiots as well. If you assume that everyone on the other side of the argument are idiots than you are just some disgusting agenda filled ideological freak that can't reason past the point of feeding yourself lunch and dinner.

    The point of my argument is that Unions raised wages and they raised benefits.

    Unions became so powerful by raising wages and benefits that every single American made car was $2,000 more than foreign made cars.

    Kut you deserve zero respect until you can address the topic.

    If you can logically through sources and persuasive writing show that Unions did not raise the price of products and did not kill the competition than please show us. If you can't or are not willing to do that than your truly a piece of shit trying to divert people from the truth.
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    Thank you.

    Thats what all these Hand Out Queens need to realize.

    The average worker makes 25 bucks an hour, all in.

    Most unskilled labor earn far less - 10, 14, 16 bucks an hour - with benefits included!!

    And these glorified bolt-tighteners feel entitled to 6 to 7 TIMES That.

    Sorry, but the Market is the Ultimate Arbitrator of what flies and what doesn't.

    And you're going down.
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    Nutmeg, do you honestly think heath care premiums cost $20/hour? Think just for once in your life: that number makes no sense whatsoever.

    Chrysler cooks the books on its health care costs, then Wall Street and righties like you fall for it every time. And what other "benefits" could be worth what Chrysler claims it is? WTF could they be???
  7. So basically when a source does not agree with your opinions you act like a little bitch and say it's not true.

    Talk about only believing what you want to believe.

    You suck at life man.
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    The source is your piece-of-shit Heritage Foundation, shit4brains. They have to prove everything they print, because their record for bullshit is second only to yours.

    And I do believe that YOU are stupid enough to believe health care premiums cost $20/hour.
  9. DETROIT, Nov 6 (Reuters) - United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger on Thursday urged the U.S. government to provide another $25 billion in loans to struggling U.S. automakers so that they can meet their health care obligations to over 780,000 retirees and their dependents.

    You must seriously be living in a cave.
  10. Nutmeg, do you honestly think heath care premiums cost $20/hour? Think just for once in your life: that number makes no sense whatsoever.

    Depends. This figure may include health care premiums for retired workers.
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