the right multi purpose software?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by diffused, Nov 2, 2008.

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    i've been doing a tonne of searching and am having a bit of trouble finding an ideal trading platform.

    i'd like to be able to put on manual trades, perform automated trade management in addition to being able to write fully automated strategies and custom charts.

    One major requirement is being able to backtest tick by tick instead of the usual "on bar close" stuff thats out there.

    i'm a c# programmer so being able to use a full blown language or external api is preferred but am willing to figure out any platform/language if it meets my requirements.

    i've looked at ninjatrader, smartquant and tradestation.

    they are good but none fully support my requirements.

    what can people recommend?

  2. Tums


    if you are into OO, then forget about TradeStation...

    Trading software is only a platform... with C#, you can pretty well make them do any thing you want.

    p.s. should also check out NeoTicker. They support C#.
  3. diffused


    i started looking at it and was a little worried about the comments of it being buggy.

    do you use it?
  4. neoticker I know a couple of people who use it, it definately is powerful.

    if you want an open source c# platform that is designed for manual and automated trading and includes tick-by-tick backtesting, try
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    What are the opinions about OpenQuant and RightEdge ?
  6. I am a C# programmer also...I use NT... I look at SQ but it support sucks. With NT you can do all of your dev. and get good support at no cost I've written tick by tick programs that comm. with NT without any problem.
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    i'd agree with you on the support of NT.

    I've posted some queries up on their forum and they are pretty responsive.

    i must say, Neoticker is looking pretty nice. once i've given NT a test for about a month, i'll give Neo a try too.

    TradeStation is appealing because of the large user base out there. Anyone have any compelling arguments for/against it?
  8. lrm


    I tried NT's programming environment. I found NinjaScript to be a bit obtuse, but it's possible I'm missing something. Their documentation of the API is a bit sparse, IMO. I'm looking at Multicharts, and now NeoTicker, thanks to this thread.

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    I use Neoticker , and have written and developed some great custom breadth indicators , comparing it to its main rival being tradestation it is light years ahead , if you take the time to have a look at some of the capabilities such as "user define manager" and "neobreadth" you can take almost any market statistic and turn into your own indicator..
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    neo is definitely sounding sweeter.

    whats the external development environment support like?

    i'm guessing you can code in via referenced api's.

    if so, whats the code-compile-test process like? do you have to jump through hoops at all?

    anyone use neo to perform manual or semi auto trades?
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