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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by asylum, May 15, 2003.

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    Again I am confused. I like the idea of Neoticker realtime and it seems from the tread comments that IB would be a good order placing tool, but I presume I will still need a datafeed. Do I need to have a 2 datafeeds one for IB and one for Neoticker? Will it be subsequently more expensive and slower watching Neoticker then jumping across to IB to execute an order as opposed to software that has it all in one suite?

    Honing in but not there yet.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

  2. Better not use IB as main data feed because you won't get any backfill of data when you disconnect/reconnect TWS.

    Neoticker works with mytrack which is cheap (silver plan 19.98$ + sdk feature 25$ + exchange fees + the price of neoticker).
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    Thanks very much for your help.

    Mytrack sound good value, does it have many shortcomings?


  4. Shortcomings? It's cheap so, of course, there are a few shortcomings.

    The main one is probably the fact you only get 15 days of intraday data, which is too short if you want to backtest intraday systems (but i guess you could buy and add past intraday data into neoticker). If you don't need to backtest intraday systems, then, mytrack +aiq trading expert pro is a perfect tool (19.98$ +59$ per month for aiq tep and no sdk fee to pay because aiq belongs to mytrack). You could also check mytrack + amibroker which costs 200$ for a permanenet license but you will have to pay sdk.

    Otherwise, you can check tradestation (you get years of intraday data and an all integrated platform but the order entry platform is weaker than IB and they only offer access to US markets which is a major shortcoming fo me who lives in Europe).

    There is also DTNiq + Ensign which is another competitive package.