The richest in Cryptoland

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    One of them is giving away everything, that is 1 billion dollars:

    "In a world in which sen-iority is measured by the price you bought your first Bitcoin at, Pierce has been around since less than a penny. He is the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation; co-founder of one of the first blockchain venture funds (Blockchain Capital); co-founder of a prominent crypto advisory firm, DNA; part of the team behind the first-ever ICO (initial coin offering); and an early investor in some of cryptocurrency’s biggest coins and tokens, including EOS (currently the fifth-largest crypto-currency) and Tether (the 10th-largest), which is meant to stay stable at the price of a dollar."

    "Almost every early Bitcoin adopter has a big regret story; Pierce’s is that he had a hard drive with some 50,000 Bitcoins on it, but accidentally threw it out while cleaning his garage. At today’s Bitcoin value, that’s $330 million he jettisoned."
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    Oh I know the regret, although not $330M. I was mining a few years ago. Had 20 bitcoins on a mining pool that got "hacked". The owner claimed he noticed suspicious activity, shut the servers down and was going to ensure that everyone was paid out what they were owed. I received nothing. Granted bitcoin was around $2 iirc, so it wasn't a big deal at the time.

    Later I had almost 4 bitcoins on a mining pool that's still around (and one of the largest). It was using an insecure password hash (MD5 iirc) and the user table got stolen. Rather than force password resets on everyone or require some sort of verification, he just allowed the compromised passwords to remain active. Someone logged in to my account, changed the payout address, and transferred the coins. I'd wondered if there were grounds to go after them due to negligence, but figured 4 bitcoins weren't worth the hassle. Also they were worth around $20 iirc when it happened.