The rich pay no taxes, enough is enough

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  1. these freeloaders should pay taxes like everybody else, instead of getting free handouts from the government. yes I'm talking to you IRS.

    On average, each year, this report found that millionaires enjoy benefits from tax giveaways and federal grant programs totaling $30 billion. As a result, almost 1,500 millionaires paid no federal income tax in 2009. Fleecing the taxpayer while contributing nothing is not the American way.
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    The rich pay the preponderance of taxes in the United States while the welfare class sits around smoking pot and collecting benefits. Why should we pay for them?
  3. Because there are 999 of them for every 1 of us. Either we pay, or they will eventually line us up against a wall and shoot us.
  4. sitting around smoking pot is a good thing. If you want to go fight a war use your own tax money.
  5. More class warfare nonsense.

    In 2009, there were 236,883 taxpayers with $1 million or more in adjusted gross income and 1,470 (0.62 percent) paid no federal income taxes.

    We are now going to worry about just over one half of one percent of a particular group of taxpayers? These people made use of legal deductions and exemptions. This sort of nonsense is what created the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) that now clobbers regular middle income people.

    Here is an explanation of that $30 billion a year nonsense. Most of it is mortgage interest and rental expense deductions. Letting people keep their own money is not a cost to the government.

    When are we just going to junk the current abominable tax system and just go with a flat tax or national sales tax?

    Make everyone that earns any income pay income or sales taxes. No more zero tax payers at any income level.
  6. Wrong, the "rich" (in your terms) want to spend a trillion bombing the heck out of countries.
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    Speaking of 'freeloaders', are you about done sleeping in tents and defecating on sidewalks with your 'Occupy' tissy-fit ?
  8. LOL, they will not quit until they are run out. They are getting free 5 star food and free place to sleep. If they quit they will have to go back home and sponge off mama and daddy some more or get a job. ......the losers will be there until they are hauled off. They are a joke. But dont worry, the crowds are dwendling quickly in most cities. They will all be back tucked in their beds by mama and daddy again soon sucking that tit again.
  9. Don't you have a service to sell? I thought you're the spread trading master.
  10. Probably needs to steal from other freeloaders and expose himself to minors first. Wonderful folk, those "occupiers."

    Interesting how the class warfare goons never mention GE (a most-favored Obamination Corporation that gets away with murder re: taxes) or MF's Corzine (Obama's #1 Wall St. fundraiser who is a downright thief).
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