The rich are waging class warfare on the poor

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    Top 1% had income rise by 125% share of pie since 1980. Bottom 20% had income drop 30% share of pie

    The rich are stealing money from the poor, that much is certain.
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    Im shocked
  2. Give one absolutely clear example of a rich man stealing something from a poor man.
  3. Take the initiative and steal back what they took from you. Figure how much you are owed and a little extra because you're special. Start with your local bank. That's where the money is. Plus you'll be famous.
  4. The reason for incomes falling is that the rich are working harder and the poor are getting lazier. Have you seen kids today how lazy they are? They only want to play video games, look at porn and go get high. This is why the income gap is spreading.
  5. I think you haven't seen anything yet! Wait until the poor fight back.
  6. Rich steal from poor: Religion

    Christianity is the leading cause of poverty in america.
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    This should go to the Politics & Religion area, or better yet, ET Entitlement Junkies Posing as Traders. But since I doubt it will...

    The rich would hire more of the "poor" in an better milieu -- one where they didn't have to fear more regulations, tax hikes, unions, etc. At this point, there's a great deal of uncertainty and they're the number one target of demagogues (and the idiots who believe them).

    How do you describe the "poor" on the graphs? Many are obese and have cable/satellite TV, cell phones and other things associated with the middle class. In college, I used to see them buy a lot more luxurious items than I could afford with their stamps. Some make out better than their lower-middle class counterparts who make a little too much to be any gov't dole (or have too much pride to take it).
  8. You can't make something from nothing
  9. That's the dumbest thing i've ever heard. It'd be nice if you didn't just sit here and make shit up.

    What are you talking about? That's even dumber than peil's post
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    On a related note:

    The top 10% consists of about 14 million people. They pay 70% of total income tax


    The bottom 50% consists of about 70 million people. They pay 2.70% of total income tax


    Except for a few thousand plutocrats who have political connections and the ability to avoid income taxes anyway its this 10% - making at least $115k - that support the rest of the country.

    So cry me a river.
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